How long might I live in retirement

This calculator helps give an indication of the chances of living to certain ages. It is based on UK Pensions Industry data* and your own assessment of your general health.

‘Good Health’ assumes that you are in good health, you might have had this confirmed by your Doctor and you’ll typically be a non-smoker, neither over or under weight, you’ll look after your health and not be on any prescribed medication controlling particular conditions.

‘Average Health’ assumes that you are neither in perfect health for your age but nor are you suffering from any serious ongoing illness. You might, for example be a little overweight and/or your blood pressure may be a higher than your doctor would like it to be, or perhaps you might be suffering from high cholesterol and taking controlling medication.

‘Poor Health’ assumes that you have an ongoing medical condition that requires you to take regular medication and/or consult your GP on a regular basis.

*The Continuous Mortality Investigation (2015).