Your retirement resources

Having considered the different ways you can access your pension savings, it's time to understand the financial choices you can make that could result in your money working harder for you in retirement.

With the pension choices and freedoms available, it's more important than ever to plan for your retirement.

In this section you will find our jargon buster and retirement calculators.

Your retirement resources

Work out how much you will need to cover your outgoings with our retirement budget calculator and identify your sources of income.

Don’t underestimate how long your retirement will be. With our longevity calculator, you can see the probability of reaching a certain age.

If you come across any words or phrases that you’re not sure about, have a peep in our jargon buster to find out what it means.

Budget calculator

Our retirement budget calculator lets you map your changing income and expenditure through your retirement journey.

Longevity tool

It's really important to consider how long you and your partner could live for when planning for retirement

Jargon buster

We have created a jargon buster to help explain terms you may come across when looking at finances in retirement.