Planning your retirement


You may have an idea of how you’d like retirement to be, but can you do more to make your dreams a reality? The good news is yes, you can and you definitely should – especially as the 2015 pension freedoms give you more choice than ever before.

If you have yet to retire, we encourage you to take some time now to look ahead to your retirement. It’s important to consider the financial and practical aspects of retirement.

What happens when?

A typical year prior to retirement, for your pension, can look like this:


Countdown to retirement

We can help you understand the financial choices that can lead to your money going further in retirement.


Annuity comparison

For a personalised annuity income quote that is guaranteed throughout your retirement, you can use our non-advised annuity comparison service

Retirement Income

Read about the different ways you can generate income in your retirement

Tools and Calculators

We provide a number of tools and calculators that could help with your retirement choices and considerations.


Knowing your income and outgoings in retirement is key to budgeting - our tool lets you see how your situation changes as you transition into retirement